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So often I read a novel and it will mention some kind of food that I haven’t even heard of, let alone tried; and that is what today’s post is about. The food of literature.

Sometimes, particularly when it is a food I’ve never heard of, I have to Google it to find out what it is. If it sounds good, then it is time to Google the recipe.

With many thanks to Stephen King’s The Green Mile, I discovered cornbread; Bram Stoker’s Dracula has introduced me to mamaliga (a type of cornmeal porridge native to that part of the world); and Lisa Wingate’s The Prayer Box gave me banana beignets (a type of Creole donut). I have yet to find a recipe for red corn soup, which I read of in Sara Donati’s Fire Along the Sky (the fourth book in her Wilderness series). I certainly enjoy my culinary travels through the world of literature, and the best part is these travels never have to end.

Though if someone were to send me a recipe for red corn soup I would be most appreciative.

Until next time, I wave my (metaphorical) chef’s hat and bid you a delicious journey your literary travels.