I find myself at a bit of a loose end, or perhaps limbo is a more appropriate term. University classes don’t start until the 24th, and I have completed my rounds with the department liaisons to get my approval to take the papers I have enrolled for. I am now waiting… for my timetable, for my student loan so that I can buy my required texts. At the same time, I am sure there are things that I am supposed to be doing – but how does one do such things while in this limbo state?

I have taken to reading books off my shelves (which feel poorly stocked due to the number of series that I own) in an attempt to get ahead on the 2014 Reading Challenge that I am taking part in over on GoodReads. I have read 12 (and a half) of the hundred I would like to have read by the approaching New Year’s Eve.

I can highly recommend anything by Roald Dahl whose books I am currently reading with my five year old son.