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University started today, or sometime last week if you are taking Literature in the Age of Invention at the University of Otago. Miles of reading turned up in our Blackboard as soon as our Course Approval went live. Have you ever tried to read 70 pages of 18th Century drama in three days? Because, honestly, I only checked Blackboard to make sure my shiny new computer would be compatible with it.

So, I am late posting and all I can say is that I have been very busy… between getting organised for Uni, my son’s school swimming, and some health issues; I have been neither inclined to write, nor have I had the time.

What is exciting, for me at least, is one of my assignments (for Literature in the Age of Invention). We have to make and keep a Common-Place-Book, which, for us least, is simply a collection of quotes, poems, and passages from our readings and our thoughts (hopefully educated) on each of them; approximately one passage per week. In addition to that (and probably in a desperate attempt to broaden our vocabulary) we must collect five words per week that we are unfamiliar with – or at least seldom seen – with their OED online, and if possible improve said definitions.

I deeply encourage any budding writers out there to follow the Common-Place-Book link above and have a go at creating their own to manage the research, it certainly is organised – especially if you index it using the Locke method. If nothing else it should entertain you for an hour or two on a rainy day.

I wish you all well for the next week, and I will probably have something much more interesting to write about then.