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…and I’m sorry.
I finished writing an essay at 2.30 this morning, and I would like to say that it was worth the time that I could have spent writing a nice (and hopefully interesting) blog for you; but I can’t have everything, and I do need to pass this paper.
So, I am exhausted; and I haven’t managed to write anything new on my current novel in months – or at least that’s how it feels – because the novel will still be there in six months, unlike my assessment if I ignore it to write fiction. It’s the same reason that my editor hasn’t touched the novel I gave her, University assignments need to come first; because writing (and editing ) will still be there when we are done.
At some point I will get my Author page over on Amazon up to speed – as currently I haven’t touched it, though it should acknowledge my debut novel: I Trust You.
To make matters interesting it is the second week of the autumn school holidays, which means that I am trying to study and write assignments with my five and a half year old running around and being loud – don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for those whose study he is disturbing by being loud on campus.
I hope that this will tide you over for the time being. And I really am sorry that I am such a terrible and negligent blogger – I’m better at fiction.