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Well, I’m in the process of editing La Sanguijuela if you haven’t read it (even in it’s terrible, raw, and utterly unedited form) you should check it out. It is the next book to go up for publishing. I may then consider pulling I Trust You and doing all of the re-editing that I made note of after I received my print copy.

But for now I’m sure that you are more interested in what I’ve been doing this past month, especially as I seem to have been on ‘radio silence’. Well, I’ve had some minor health issues; but more importantly I have been gearing up for my exams – which are now over; thank goodness! In the mean time I have been ‘creating research materials’ which sounds mad, but when you need reference material for a novel – and none such exists – what else is there to do but create it. Now you may or may not know that the novel ‘officially in progress’ is called: From the Ground, Up. But you may not know that I have already begun researching the next one after that; it’s all terribly exciting and you can blame the Doctor Who boxing day omnibus.

It is with great excitement that I can announce: that when Anachronism is published, there is (at this stage – like all authors I am subject to a certain kind of madness) to be a companion book; the title of which is not yet fixed and the content of which is top secret until such time as it hits publication (I have yet to decide whether or not it is going to turn up on Wattpad like the others yet, I may choose to keep it completely top secret until it comes out on Kindle and in paperback).

NaNoWriMo this year is going to be a time for me to finish off From the Ground, Up or, failing that, I have a series of Gothic themes that would make great short stories. For Dunedinites, and anyone else generally in Otago (NZ) I will be Co-Municipal Liaison this November.


So it is clear that the top secret companion book is underway, though the novel to which it will be a companion is still a pile of notes and in need of more research; From the Ground, Up is potentially stagnating – though I have by no means forgotten it; La Sanguijuela is getting some love, and will hopefully be ready for publication before Christmas this year; and last but not least I will be either finishing From the Ground, Up during NaNoWriMo this year or writing a small collection of short stories with Gothic theme inspired content – as there is no way that Anachronism is going to be ready for writing by then while I still have to spend most of the year focusing on my university studies. Everything is on the up though so one can’t complain too much.

In theory you should be seeing more posts from me as the next semester begins on the 7th of July and I am taking ‘Creative Non-fiction’ at 300 level; it’s the sort of thing that I am likely to post – I think.

Until next time: stay safe and keep reading!