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Well, it has been pretty much a whole month since I last wrote a post. I am sure that there are plenty of you wagging your finger at me admonishingly, and I do apologise.

It is the tail end of winter here and we have had a house lot of the common garden (proverbial) plague [honest – not the scary kind, just annoying], right into what we call essay season which is a three week period when roughly 20,000 people are expected to hand in between one and five essays each.

So, now that we have explanations and excuses out of the way we can move on.

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Smashwords, yup, I went to a Smashwords seminar right here in Dunedin on Saturday. It was really good, and if you are really lucky I Trust You  will be out in other formats (care of Smashwords) before the end of the year. I met a graphic designer who does book covers, and the sample piece that she hands out to show her work/style is almost exactly what I want for a companion piece to one of the novels in the works – which also means that the novel will have its cover done by her (assuming that I can convince her to take on the project).

Nanowrimo is coming up, and I have started on the research for this year’s project: it’s going to be fun, think of it like those “where are they now?” things they do for child stars but I’m honestly interested in finding out what the Greek gods have been up to for the last two millennia.

In other exciting news I am going to get off my bum and get my picture taken so that I can put an author photo on my various pages and the backs of my books. In fact today’s project is business cards.

In short there is lots going on, lots.

Also I have been reading the Kate Shugak series by Dana Stabenow, I intend to move on to her other books when I finish; but the Shugak series is 20 (yep you read that right 20) books. There is an interesting chap called Liam Campbell who is the protagonist of the next series, and is (so far – there may yet be more in the works, who knows) only five books long. My friends are honestly sick of hearing about Kate Shugak, but I’ve been raving about her for 15 and a half books. It is a crime/mystery series and Kate is an Alaskan Native. So, go and check the series out, and maybe support Storyknife.

Until next time…