NaNoWriMo 2014 is almost over, I’m 20,000 words behind schedule, and I may be losing my mind. This year I have become the Otago/Southland Municipal Liason, and I have been a bit flustered about it. The worst part of it was having to do an interview on TV – with no make up to hide the biggest, ugliest zit I have ever seen!

I seem to have so much to do that I have to put absolutely everything into the calendar on my phone, just so that it gets done. And then I still forget things.

The university year is now over (remember I live in the Southern hemisphere and we are about to have something resembling summer), and I still have to go back next year.

I am going to post a few pieces soon, I have a whole list of literary foods to try (among other things).

See you all soon,

Love and Kisses Zaphod Talia.