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It’s still the summer holidays for us here in NZ. So even though I’m back at school, I have to constantly make sure that there is someone to watch my son when I have to go to class.
I am unlucky in the sense that my Monday babysitter has been called in to work this week (something about a bee sting and possible anaphylaxis). Fortunately my lecturers have been very understanding about his occasional appearances. Dr R has even offered to distract him whilst we sit our test in the second hour.
But I am interested to know how other students with children cope, mine sits quietly enough in lectures (with the aid of a movie and headphones), are other lecturers as understanding as my department?
Let me know. Seriously. If you don’t have kids, let me know if you’ve had tiny lecture intruders, and how you’ve found having them there. In three years I’ve only had one complaint about him – and this 17 year old freshman objected to his presence, it didn’t matter that he wasn’t disturbing anyone (other than me of course).
Happy Summer, and wish me luck.