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Monday last week was the most nerve wracking day of Summer School.

I had to give a presentation on my findings from my research project.

My project was on Mrs Miller’s 1894 Improved Economic Cookery. I spoke about why I decided to do this book for my book history assignment, and what I had found. I made it as light and humorous as possible. But most importantly, to my mind, I had my lovely assistant hand out two kinds of biscuit (cookies) that I made. The biscuits were from a different edition because they were a night before presentation decision, they were from the 1911 edition.

They did the job! I was not ‘boo-ed’ off stage, and I got an pretty damn good grade.

The catch is that I had a lot of left over biscuits, because the recipe didn’t tell me the yield, so I made small biscuits to make sure that I had enough for everyone. After class I wandered around the communal area we call the Link (because it links two buildings) handing them out to everyone I could, and I met this great guy called Kevin. But you’ll have to read my previous post to find out about him.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day/Weekend.