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Most of you won’t know this, but I have struggled with my weight for ten years. I am no longer dieting, my relationship with food is negative enough – lets not make it worse. So in addition to a rigorous exercise schedule (which isn’t going well today – sick child at home) that I am actually enjoying. I am making an effort to do more standing than sitting while working; which is easy on campus as they have just installed sit-to-stand desks, but at home that means that I am working at the kitchen bench.

What am I working on at the bench? you ask. Well, let me tell you right now it is not baking. No, I have finally read the red scribbles all over my Summer School essay – in the unlikely event that Dr R is reading this: 1. Stop looking at my punctuation! 2. Can we petition for electronic submissions so that those scribbles can be ‘track change’ bubbles?

Essentially, most of the scribbles were commas and semi-colons. But the feedback with my grade (an A; for those of you who were wondering) was that if I tidy it up where he has made corrections, then I should submit it to The Hocken Collections and say that Dr R sent me. Just in case you hadn’t realised, this is kind of a huge deal. The Hocken Collection is a Rare Book Library/Special Collection/Archive. They are very local; most of the items are from the Otago/Dunedin Region at the time they were bought, or (more likely) donated. But submitting an essay to them means that, like most archived information, it will be there forever. Most of my essays have been throwaways; you get them back with a grade and you keep it for precisely as long as is needed and then it finds its way into the nearest recycling bin. Which is exactly what had been the plan with this one, but apparently I hit on something new.

It is a particularly weird feeling when I don’t feel it was that amazing of an essay. Don’t get me wrong I worked for that grade, and I feel that was deserved; but for it to be immortalised in the depths of The Hocken?

It is a surreal experience; and I am honoured. But I think that this standing work station thing might take some practice – my feet are starting to hurt.