My lecturer has us do a blog post (inside the closed university [Blackboard] teaching thing… for want of a better word) in his papers, mine is very late (see Academic Anxiety). But in an attempt to redeem myself I am trying to catch up on the work. Following is my blog post:

My research for my essay is focusing on intertextuality in Angela Cater’s “The Tiger’s Bride”. I really enjoyed Mary Kaiser’s article, as it was like a guided tour of some of the various instances of intertexuality in Carter’s collection The Bloody Chamber. Since reading it, I have realised that I am going to have to use “The Courtship of Mr Lyon” as a comparison piece -to show my working so to speak- in my essay. As Carter said in an interview, she sees all fairy tales as “inherently sexual” and as such she uses her reimaginings as social commentary regarding patriarchal dominance in society. This type of intertextuality is the main focus of Mary Kaiser’s article. Intertextuality and sexuality in AC.