A couple of months ago (yes I’m that far behind) Rose on Goodreads sent me the following question:

Indara’s tale I Trust You is about very detailed abuse. Why did you choose to write this kind of story?

I knocked up a very unsatisfactory (from my point of view) answer at the time.

But the reality is I Trust You isn’t about abuse. It is (as I said on Goodreads) about two very different people exploring their relationship after a plane crash leaves them stranded in the bush. The abuse that Indara suffers serves two purposes: 1, to heighten her difference from Nathaniel; 2, to tidy up the practical details of getting them stranded in the bush. And it all came about much later than the rest of the plot, though I probably stopped plotting around about the time they leave Queenstown, I wanted the ending to be organic and flow on from the events that came before.
It’s about a broken girl, who (with the help of an often conflicted and confused Nathaniel and some very large Smurfs) puts herself back together.

I hope this helps, I answer questions on Goodreads as and when they arise.
Ka kite ano.