No really. The rain just keeps on coming. We’ve got flooding in some areas of the city, particularly those below sea level… Yes the city planners may have been drunk.

“The sky is falling” is also a reference to the unbelievable fact that I am about to fill you in on what’s happening with my own work. The real stuff… You know the writing and disseminating of my stories.
Well…. Drum roll please…
From the Ground, Up is nearly finished and on its way to the Editor. Hopefully before semester 2 starts in mid July. We’re down to the last chapter and maybe an epilogue… Maybe. Then it will be goodbye to Bestia, Belton, and Gejo. That’s  the part I hate most about finishing a book.
The Finder has an amazing new cover (which I’m saving for publication) by an awesome artist who I can’t link to right now because I’m a tech-loser (not a Luddite, I like tech, I just don’t get it). But he’s on Facebook: Rainy Underlight. Check him out he’s super awesome, and only 17 (please don’t hate me if he’s had a birthday since I last talked to him and is now in fact 18)
La Sanguijuela is now available in paperback via Amazon. As well as all varieties of eBook on smashwords.com but if you’re looking for it on Goodreads search for me because it hasn’t fixed the spelling mistake in the listing yet.