I’m a closet hippy.

No, really. I make my own detergent, and cleaning products with a heavy lean on baking soda and vinegar. When my son was born I used cloth nappies (diapers). I love baking bread, I find it satisfying to know that it doesn’t have additives because the ministry of social health (or whatever they are calling themselves these days) feel the need to enrich the diet of the poor, all with the intent of saving the public health service money. For many of the same reasons I make a lot of my food, rather than buying prepackaged. Sorry, I drifted off on a tangent there for a moment.

Now recently I have had a few health issues, ranging from physical illnesses to minor breakdowns. But one of the issues that has had the largest long term impact is the fact that I need to lose weight. My friends will be the first to jump to my defense and say that I’m perfect just the way I am (and for this I love them dearly), but the fact is that my weight is impacting my health; and that is not alright. So, step one: come off my contraceptives. Yeah.
– Side effect: the return of the horror.
– Side effect of the side effect: mood swings, compulsive eating (because that’s conducive to losing weight…), and lots of pain. Not to mention the serious dent in my wallet.

Again my friends have been amazing, they are supportive when I turn into the Grinch, and they are encouraging me to exercise (though not when the Grinch is in residence), and they are supportive of my latest hippie endeavor… RUMPs. As yet the RUMPs are defeating my sewing skills (which is driving me mad because I can make a fully boned bodice on a dress, and have it actually look nice), so I have resorted to buying them (at scary prices – often simply for the shipping, I live in New Zealand remember, often mistaken for a state of Australia [a comparison that is rather like mistakenly calling Canadians, American]). But, I am so pleased with them. Because I am no longer stressed about the arrival of the horror it hasn’t been as bad, though still somewhat unpleasant.

So, Ladies, I can highly recommend checking out RUMPs (cloth pads) on YouTube; there are a lot of wonderful videos from women who make them, review them, and generally promote them. Mine are from Precious Stars Pads in the UK, and Omee’s Boutique on Etsy. I really like the Precious Stars Pads, but I haven’t had a chance to try the Omee’s Boutique ones as yet.

The best part is they are all so pretty! I haven’t given up on making them, I think that the problem is the sewing machine that I’m using, it thinks it’s in a NASCAR race! Which is fine when you are making large items (like dresses), but not so much when you’re making really rather small items. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show you how to make them, if you are brave enough.

So there you are. I am no longer a closet hippy. I’m out.

Have a great day everyone.