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Alrighty, so at the moment I have been not-writing. I know, what kind of self-respecting author (of any variety) doesn’t write?
…I’m going with the kind that has had two weeks filled with three kinds of plague (illness – there has been no resurgence of the plagues which leveled cities!) and really wants to graduate this year, and  get into Teacher’s College.

But on Facebook (because I follow Swoon Reads) I came across this:

swoon-libs meet-cute

So I am going to have a go at filling in the blanks later, and I’ll post it here when it’s done. Just for a little bit of light relief from my academic anxiety – a whole new kind induced by the flu – I can literally hear “The Flight of the Bumblebees”  in my head as I work!

So have fun, I would love to see what y’all come up with if you have a go at filling in the blanks yourself.

Ta ta for now…