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My word count so far this NaNo is depressing, (a mere 6000ish), but this year it’s a case of life getting in the way.

I’m signing a lease on Monday; I’ve had allergies, and minor day surgery, I have a kid that needs me to spend time with him, I’m also a Municipal Liaison for my local NaNoWriMo’s, I’ve had an exam… really the list just goes on. 99% of this is good, allergies not so much… but not much I could do about that.

Despite all of this, I am completely happy with my story (so far) and what I’m choosing to write – another brand new direction, this year it’s a peppy psychopath for hire.

But if you need help boosting your word count this NaNo, join me on @NaNoWordSprints I’m on around 8pm GMT+13 most days. We have FireFly themed sprints, and when those run out I’m doing Kushiel’s Legacy themed sprints.

Happy NaNo!