I hope you are having  a great holiday season, and I wish you all the best for the New Year!

Quick update:
* I have moved house, and subsequently have no internet for the time being.
* I am Gluten Free until mid January, so I won’t be making very many of the Literary Foods that I have stashed up, because I try to make them as close to the recipe as possible. So I’ll get back to it in mid January when my GF trial is over… if it’s ever over… [if it never ends I’ll just have to make a GF version]
* NaNo… I wrote about 6800 words… yes I’m ashamed, but it was more a case of life getting in the road, and having a lot to do as ML for my region. My story was just slightly lower on the priorities list this year. But I’m still loving Tilly, so I’ll get there eventually; maybe while I’ve got no internet… we’ll see.
* I am slightly out of touch with Wattpad as well at the moment. Mostly because I have changed the device on which I use the app, and I’m slow to adjust to change.

Have a great holiday season!