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[Wow 3 posts in one day, how spoiled are you? And maybe I should spread them out a bit… but why? Keep reading for the post]:

We all have negativity in our lives. Some of us have more than others, and some of us deal with negativity better than others. And then some of us deal with it by producing more negativity.

My whole life I’ve been hearing “you can’t”, every time I wanted to do something, now to be fair it would have been hard. But rather than trying to figure out how I could do it, I was simply told that I couldn’t possibly be able. Stereotypical teenage rebellion taught me to give the finger to naysayers, but the reality is that at 30 (essentially) I’m still hearing negativity on all sides.

Recently a friend lost her father, and her grief (which is understandable) made her lash out at people who were only trying (however imperfectly) to offer support.

A few days ago I was presented with an opportunity (which must be applied for), and like everything it is imperfect – difficult even. I was conflicted about it, and the biggest naysayer in my life said: “Go for it. If you get it, we’ll figure it out.” I then went to one of my biggest supporters, who couldn’t say anything positive about it at all; in fact she proceeded to tear it apart. Now maybe she’s hurt by it, but the fact that if I get this opportunity I’ll be gone for a few months;  but to tear apart an opportunity that I have worked to hard just to be able to apply for… well it hurts, and there is no denying it. Don’t get me wrong, she has concerns (some of them more valid than others) and she is looking out for me – she doesn’t want me to get hurt. But sometimes, it’s important to be politic in how you express those concerns.

Between one thing and another I have had about as much negativity as I can take.

Why do we have to tear each other down?

Now this opportunity that I have; I am going to do my very best work. And, hey, I may not get it; but if I do I will have earned every inch of it.

My magic is stringing words together, if you find yours – don’t let ANYBODY tell you that you can’t. If you want it bad enough, and you work for it – then you can be anything you want. Anything at all. Don’t let anybody stop you.