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I am on the hunt…

For a job.

So I have been sitting here all day, wrestling with the formatting of my C.V. to make it user friendly, and wrestling with my cover letters. It may sound silly, and it may well be silly; but I have this weird issue with tooting my own horn, so to speak. It’s a cultural thing here, we’ll talk up the neighbour’s dog before we talk up ourselves.

Fortunately I have an awesome friend who has been reading everything over, and giving me useful feedback before I send anything away. I have another, similarly, awesome friend who gave me a blazer that didn’t work for her, which I can use to dress up the clothes that I already have (rather than buying a bunch of new clothes that I can’t afford because I don’t have a job).

Feel free to cross your fingers for me, I’m going to need it. I’m applying for four jobs, and hopefully I’ll be offered one of them.