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A lot of things come to mind when I think of the word, ’empty’. Foremost however are the most telling… about me.

In case it hasn’t been obvious in the past year and a half, I’m a proud Geek and self-confessed Book Nerd. So the first thing that comes to mind is The Empty Child, an episode of Doctor Who with the Tenth Doctor, Rose, and it’s the first time we meet Captain Jack Harkness. The child is empty, after a fashion — I don’t do spoilers, you either know exactly how, or you need to go and watch it — But so too is Jack, and the ‘Mauve and dangerous’ space junk.

Empty is also me, perhaps not in the more literal sense, but my recent unwellness has left me feeling empty. Though if you read my previous post you will see that my life is in no way empty.

Just to get philosophical with you for a moment… The old is the glass half empty or half full debate… an empty glass to me is not pessimistic, but in need of refilling…