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What is prophecy?

Is it a message from a higher power? Is it a vision of the future by gifted mortal? Is it fate? Can you fight it/change the outcome?

Personally, I’m somewhere on the self-fulfilling line. Knowing the future makes it so, as does ignoring the past.

Right now, we are sitting on a precipice; we can see what is about to happen, and no-one appears to be even remotely concerned with stopping it from happening. We can see it with the United Kingdom withdrawing from the European Union; we can see it in an inability to separate Muslims from Extremists.

My prophecy for the future:
If we don’t start paying attention to the consequences of our actions we are going to have another Holocaust on our hands. And all because some people think that all Muslims are Extremists, and out to destroy the rest of us.

It’s pretty dim, right? Well, if you don’t like it perhaps you should do something about it.
And this from the most apolitical person I know… me.