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I journal.

I have done for years now, and for a number of reasons.

Every now and then I change it up a bit, and try something new with my journalling. I don’t journal religiously (or simply put, I don’t journal every day at a set time). I journal when I feel like it, sometimes there will be a month between entries. But normally I write something a couple of times a week.

But here’s the catch, I don’t just journal. It’s where I keep everything that drifts through my life. And just to make it more complicated, I usually make my own journals from scratch – folding and nesting pages, sewing and binding, cutting and covering boards, and finally putting them all together.
I recently saw a page in a Spotlight (fabric and craft store) flyer about these colourful, funky journals. After playing ‘chase the web link’ for a while, I found out that they were junk journals. It would seem that the people who use these junk journals are in the habit of collecting these journals full of the detritus of their lives, without a huge amount of journalling. Now, how these journals are used isn’t really for me; but I really loved the colourful, cheerful nature of them. I have collected a number of printable page backgrounds from Etsy. So my next journal is going to have these beautiful pages, as a change from the normal white. And into these pages I’ll add business cards, and other significant pieces. Things like: newspaper articles, movie stubs, flyers for free shows that I went to, or want to go to. When I go perfume shopping I bring home the test cards, with the details written on, and they go in too; they make my journal smell great, and if I decide later that I love one of them I have the details to go back and buy it.

Last night I was at my first (and possibly last) The Rocky Horror Picture Show event, and I have the remnants of my grab bag which I will add in – flyers, and instructions, and a lone playing card that wouldn’t leave my hand. If I had a printer I would print out the selfie of my ‘costume’, and that would go in too.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016

My journal is a record of my life, and these things go in, but (and here’s the important part for me) they have the appropriate date, and they are part of a written entry; like pictures in the newspaper.

A week or so ago, I found yet another kind of journalling. Minimalist style, and really more of an organiser – stripped to the bones in an A5 notebook. The Bullet Journal. The essentials of which are a bulleted list of tasks, events, and notes for each day.
I thought: “Brilliant! I can add it into my journal.” It’s a thing I do from time to time, add a new way, or I’ll test drive it for a while. 2015 was the year of the tear-off daily calendar, and every single one of those tear off sheets went into my journal as a part of the journal entry.

Now, I really like the Bullet Journal system. But, it’s not working for me. For many people it makes them more efficient. For me it gives me a visual reminder of exactly what I’m procrastinating – I actively procrastinated! Yes, it’s an oxymoron; but what else do you call it when you go looking for things to do, that are not what you are supposed to be doing.

I do recommend the Bullet Journal, I really do think its brilliant. If only because it is simple, and easy to use, and set up – all you need is a notebook and a writing  implement. Just because it doesn’t work for me (at the moment) doesn’t mean that it won’t work for anyone else.

If you’re thinking about journalling, do try it. It doesn’t matter what you write, just write. Something, anything. Hell, even a bulleted list of what you’ve got on for the day. After all these years my journal entries have developed a bit of a formula [Time and date are on one line, but WordPress won’t let me have them aligned in separate directions on the same line]:




(Significance: public holiday, if it is one)

(Meandering, conversational entry.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and write about my trip to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.