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My friend Peach started her new job today. I’m positively green with envy, and ecstatically happy for her all at the same time.

But once again I am faced with that awful construct… change.
What am I to do now while she’s at work? Well, clearly the answer is to get myself organised and write something more substantial than blog posts.

Fortunately, I love change. Unless it’s happening tornado styles (everything picked up and chucked about at random). Change is what keeps us from stagnating, from getting stuck in the proverbial rut. I’m the sort of person who has half a dozen craft projects on the go at once so I can flit back and forth between them without getting bored.

Stress may be the silent killer, but boredom is the loud one… anyone who has children knows exactly what I mean. I’m blessed with an intelligent, creative child… who gets bored ten times a day. On a good day, I can redirect five out of ten of those episodes. On a bad day, I have DVDs.

My whole life has tipped upside down over the last seven months. I no longer live with my parents, which has affected what we eat, and how we eat, among an enormous number of other things. I live in town now, instead of a city adjacent village… and as I don’t drive that change has been super practical. I socialise more now, which is hilarious as most of my friends have day jobs, while I’m still looking. At nearly thirty, I have this budget thing properly under control… don’t get me wrong, I’m still broke but the bills get paid and there’s food in the house; a bit of creative accounting every now and then gets us the extras we need.

I’m about as far from a minimalist as I want to get… I have no desire to be a hoarder. But I am definitely a crafter, which means a house full of various crafting supplies, and sharp objects (not toddler friendly).

And I am teaching myself to be just as domestic as I need to be to live in a healthy home.
Just in case that wasn’t clear… I’m a useless housewife… probably why I’m not married.

Change is good.

Congratulations Peach! You earned it. I shall mourn the Coffee Fairy flights though. And I look forward to slightly swankier lunches than the Ivory Tower dinning hall. *Insert Winky face here*