This prompt couldn’t be more apropos, as we are having a wind storm where I live today. Not to mention the horizontal rain at 4am this morning.

I shall let out my inner Geek for you a little today: other than the literal weather, my first thought was “the oncoming storm”… a Doctor Who reference. But then my head (metaphorically) exploded, with references and metaphors, to the point where  I couldn’t even collate them into a coherent blog post for you.

  • Storms of emotions
  • Storms of ideas
  • Brainstorms

And that’s just the few that made sense.

But what about the way storms make us feel? Do you get angry, frightened, or excited? Do you want to snuggle in front of the fire, or curl up in bed with your favourite book? Or do you pull all the curtains and binge watch your favourite t.v. series?

Storms are beautiful, powerful, dangerous things. They can rage for days tirelessly. They can remind us how small we are, just tiny parts of a big world… and that’s okay. Though for such tiny things we sure do make a big impact on the world, and not all of it is good. There are places in the world where storms rage unchecked and growing, where people survey the destruction left in their wake, and surmise how bad it was. And there are places where thunder and lightning are as bad as it gets, and they whinge that it’s ruining their plans.

Okay, I’m thinking big today, and I’ll leave it at that.

Stay safe.