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Today I was Bribery Mum. It’s the winter break here, so Mr. Almost-Eight is everywhere I look. Due to the wind storm and sideways rain yesterday I put off doing the groceries until lunch time today. Now, I’m pretty sure that I can hear you saying: “You went grocery shopping hungry, with a hungry child?! Are you crazy?!” But here’s how it works; there is a small strip-mall next to the supermarket, with two asian restaurants, a cafe, and a bakery. If he’s helpful and not naughty (the two are neither mutually inclusive or exclusive) he gets to have lunch at the venue of his choice… once we have the groceries. He picked the cafe, he loves scones and cream. Now we are home, and he’s playing quietly outside – actually I think he’s pulling the onion weed out of my lawn, but that works for me.

While I was enjoying my cheese and pineapple toasted sandwich and ice cream soda spider, I was reading the June 2016 edition of Next Magazine. It wasn’t until I had finished eating and was about to leave that I came across the last article (or the second last – right at the back either way).


My first thought was something along the lines of “Thank god I’m not the only one!”

Each and every one of us has a number of facets that make up the whole of our personalities. And at times it can be hard to describe our dominant personality. Just to be clear, we aren’t talking in terms of Dissociative Identity Disorder; we are talking about the different types of personality traits that compete inside us. It’s not dissimilar to owning your inner child or inner bitch.

Talia is one of my inner selves, and okay she gets her own name, but mainly because she’s the front for the part of my creative self who does all the writing. Some people out there only know me as Talia; and while Talia is not my legal name, she has become a larger part of me since she got a name. If I have a few drinks and get tipsy (or worse), you’ll meet the giggly, bouncy, energizer bunny. With my friend Peach, I regress nearly fifteen years to my mid-teens and I’m rude, crude, crass, and somehow classy all at the same time. Without my boy around, most people have a hard time believing that I’m a mum at all, until they come over and I’m compelled by some mum/hostess personality to feed them. It should be pretty clear by now that I have embraced my inner Geek – I love Doctor Who among a large number of other fandoms.

I used to think of my personality like the chameleon circuit in the T.A.R.D.I.S (only functioning) and that it changed slightly depending on who I was around. I still like that analogy. But it’s more complicated than that when there are specific parts of my personality who deal with specific aspects of my life – like Talia. My 30th birthday is rapidly approaching, and while I’m okay with that, it might be hard to tell because I’m seeing more and more of the giggly, bouncy energizer bunny; as well as rude, crude, crass, and classy. And I’m wearing my Mum hat more often, because the older my son gets the less simple he becomes – I’m having to work at parenting now; I can’t get away with just making sure that he’s clean, fed, and loved half to death anymore. I’m seeing more of his personalities now that I’m not studying, and I’m home to see him. This time last year, I was back in lectures while he was dragged from lecture to lecture and told: shush, and here’s your movie.

Embrace your hidden/inner personalities, it’s so much more fun when you see which side of you comes out to play in each part of your life. Normally at this point I would excuse myself to write fiction and appease the characters shouting at me inside my head. But for the time being I have a reprieve. So I’m going to go and fangirl over MacGyver instead.