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Whenever someone comes to my house for the first time, I often say something to the effect of ‘just know you’re about to walk into the house of the mad crafter’. Most of them find it rather amusing, and by the time they get an invite to come to my house they usually already know that it’s true. There are at least three projects in differing states of completion all around my home, and that’s on a tidy day.

Today’s project was reusable lunch bags. I got the directions from The First Door on the Left, and I made my own pattern based on the lunch bags that I currently use – which are also a bit disposable.


They have one minor drawback – they aren’t quite big enough for a single slice sandwich. Which isn’t big enough for me anyway, I have two slice sandwiches, but my son has single slice ones. They are the same size as the snaplock bags I’m currently using, but if you look close you’ll see that where they fold over they have been stitched down about one centimeter from the edge (just under half an inch). They need the full width of the opening to get an sandwich in there. They will still be perfect for all manner of other snacks.


So now, I just need to adjust my pattern a bit and try again. Plus, you know, all the other projects that I have lying around…

Craft on friends!