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I’m turning 30 this month!

I’m super excited!

20 days until my birthday – 21 days if you’re way behind us here in NZ.

I have so many birthday events planned!

In fact I’ve already started.

A friend of mine has her birthday in early August, so we split the difference and had an UnBirthday together on Wednesday (31-04-16). We are only turning 30 once so we went all out; we got all prettied up, and went out to a restaurant that we would normally consider to be well out of our price range. We went to Pier 24 in Saint Clair, Dunedin, NZ. It’s part of Hotel St Clair. Shasha and I had high hopes for the meal, even knowing that the portions would be exquisitely small. Well, I don’t think I have ever had such fantastic service in a restaurant before – and I’ve had some very good service. The waiter/barman (it was midweek and there were only two other tables occupied) was cheerful, happy to help, and last but not least a dashing piece of eye candy, plus he carded us. What better way to endear yourself to two young ladies who are turning 30 than to tell them that they look 25 or under (the drinking age here is 18). The food was utterly divine, we briefly contemplated kidnapping the chef.

To say that our UnBirthday was more perfect than we could have possibly planned for is a whopping understatement. Nothing could have been improved upon.

As a further UnBirthday celebration my books on Smashwords are half price for the month of September. Just use the coupon codes. I Trust You 50% off coupon: EP57R
From the Ground, Up 50%off coupon: GL88M

Until next time…

A very Happy UnBirthday to You!