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Hey all,

This is just a quick update, to let you know what is going on – and of course to remind you to get moving, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner! Get your story set up on NaNoWriMo.org and then on Nov 1 all you’ll have to do is write, and keep your word count updated.

I’ve had LARC implants put in my arm, because no more babies! So that’s super itchy right now, though Monday night and Tuesday morning it was also really sore. But the itchiness is a good sign – the skin is starting to heal. Unfortunately, being a good sign does not make it less annoying; but that will settle down soon.

I’m still seriously contemplating taking part in The Monthly Stitch, but that could be because September’s challenge in nightwear/lingerie – which would be a stellar challenge for me.

I’m also looking into some more NaNoWriMo options for my region, like some funding to cover printing and the candy that I throw about left, right, and centre.  But of course we would have to be eligible first. As well as the possibility of a certain degree of collaboration with the City of Literature office, and/or another UNESCO City of Literature.
Fun fact: Did you know that there can only be one City of Literature per country? For New Zealand, Dunedin is it.

For those of you who come to the On Campus Write-ins, don’t forget to wear your best faces, as 39 Dunedin News will be back with their camera again. This year I’ll try to be organised, I don’t want to be stammering like I was last year.

Lots going on, and hopefully some progress.

My 30th is approaching rapidly, every time I look it seems like the month is just slipping away; and one day I’ll wake up to be smacked in the face with the realisation that I’m suddenly 30. I’m sure I’ll be sitting there wondering how that happened.

I’m off now, lots to do. But never fear, I’ll be back soon.