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I’m 20 books behind schedule to meet my reading challenge by the December 31st.

So, rather practically (or so I thought) I grabbed a quick read series off my shelf. The sort of stuff that I can chew through at the rate of a book/day. It wasn’t one of my favourite reads, and if you read my only untitled post, then you’ll know that it doesn’t rate with the books that I consider essential to my sanity, to my identity. It was nothing of substance, and as we all know that I’ll read just about anything if it stays still long enough that is saying a lot. Truthfully, I’m a bigger fan of one book by the same author that I don’t actually own.

Okay, okay; so I was caught (unrepentantly) reading the Twilight series. Of course, how I had got as far through it as the last book without being noticed or judged is beyond me. I carry a book, of some sort, with me at all times; there’s 400ish books on my phone right now.

I have been judged, about as harshly as my critic was capable of. And I just shrugged. Because sometimes it’s nice to read something that doesn’t require a great deal of brain engagement. And maybe I’m judging the Twilight series too harshly now, but for me it’s my equivalent of watching brainless TV for a couple of hours in the evening. These are 400+ page books, and I’m chewing through them in a few hours in the evening.
I actually had a conversation about this type of behaviour with Mermaid (her first appearance here). She had some books that she took to a book signing, she was so excited that she told the author that she had read one of them in a single night. His response was to take her time with the next one, because they take longer than a night to write. He’s not wrong!

For me, sometimes I read exactly like that. I should know better, they really do take longer than a single night to write. This time I chose them specifically knowing that I would finish them quickly, to me it feels more like cheating if I read novellas, or individual short stories (you can buy individual short stories as ebooks, as well as in collections) and call them “books”. So, instead, I pick something effortless to read. They aren’t boring, and because they are such quick reads for me, I can pick up something that needs a little more work – and has a little more substance.

Just so you know, you’ll never be able to please everyone with your reading habits. My father is even more of a voracious reader than I am. My mother loves a healthy mix of crime fiction and old school romances – read Catherine Cookson…
I don’t aim to please anyone but myself with my reading habits. So by all means judge away. If you have guilty pleasure reads that actually make you feel guilty, maybe don’t take them where they’ll be seen by the public.

I was asked to recommend a book/series on Monday – I recommended the Kate Shugak Series by Dana Stabenow, and I’m anxiously (really) awaiting Kate21, in December or March. One of my favourite series of all time.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (in English) by Stieg Larsson.