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NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, are you ready?

I’m not.
It’s been a comedy of errors… well it hasn’t, that just sounds a great deal more pleasant.

I have a large stack of papers that suggest that I have done a lot of work preparing for NaNo, but in reality I have spent more time in the dark, with blankets pulled over my head. I can’t quite shake the headaches that are the dregs of the migraine from earlier this week, so I have very little desire to actually work.

It would probably be easier to finish readying, if I didn’t have to deal with “The Inconsiderate Downstairs Neighbour”… this isn’t supposed to be a rant, so I think that we’ll leave it at that.

For NaNo, I am picking up the threads of 2014’s SciFi, or at least I’m supposed to be.

I actually have an idea, but not the time to flesh it out. I’m also running out of time to finish rereading everything for the SciFi – so either way I’m miles behind the 8ball. But I may just work on my new idea anyway. We’ll see. I even know what I want to call it… Legacy.

In reality, I’ve spent so much time getting ready for NaNo, that I’ve run out of time to get ready for NaNo.
And I have a little bit of “not wanting to write for NaNo” going on. Thinking is hard work, and it’s not getting any easier.

I have a new activity lined up for NaNo2016, I have the Question of the Day list ready to go, and I have themed sprint prompts ready for #NaNoWordSprints live on the @NaNoWordSprints Twitter feed. Brown Coats Unite!