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It’s nearly midnight, a single light is on, and the only sounds to be heard are the dryer cycling the clothes and the frenetic typing of the marketing student on the right side of my bed.

I’m watching her fingers fly across the keys, and words appear by the dozen on her screen. I’m also seeing her hunched, tense shoulders as she races to meet her deadline… 53 minutes and counting.

She stops to check her phone, is it the boyfriend texting or is she checking some final fact or figure?
The boyfriend. He has text to say goodnight and to offer a final… maybe final… word of encouragement.

I’m incredibly lucky to have this person to share my space with, small as it is. It’s adorable how she calls me Mum, and the more she does the more ‘mum’ I get. I’m proud of her, she doesn’t think that she’s as smart as what she is. And she is smart, she might have to work hard at times, but that only makes her smarter. She’s like a little piece of Sunshine, and she brightens up my days. So here’s to you Honey, I know that you can do anything you set your mind to – even if you don’t know it yet. Watch out world, one day this girl is going to get wise to her own abilities, and smarts, and then who knows what could happen. Anything is possible.