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In two and a half hours NaNoWriMo commences in my timezone.

I’m actually ready. Except for one little thing…
The introduction to a cook book is an introduction to who you are and what you love about food or your philosophy towards food.

Mine will be those things, but it’s a legacy cook book. It will be (to some extent) the sum of my parts… which sounded a lot worse after I wrote it down.
There’s a morbid-ish side thought that I want to work into it, should your life ever flash before your eyes would you be happy with what you saw?

Would you see someone who was handed the shitty end of life, but who wouldn’t let that hold them back?
Or someone who had simple dreams, and simple things that made them happy.
It doesn’t really matter who you saw; what matters is if you say “It was a good life.”
Because if you already feel like you want a do over, you need to fix it.

For me there are a handful of things that matter:
My son.
Friends and family.
Books and literature.

In that order.
Sure, I would love to be able to travel; get out there and really see the world… or maybe taste it. But that’s not important to making my life a good one.

My keys to a good life: surround yourself with people who you love and who make you happy, eat what you love and love what you eat; and read to stretch your imagination.