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So it’s nearly the end of week one of NaNoWriMo 2016. I’m behind schedule, but further along than I was last year at this time.

Unfortunately I have also managed to catch the plague – common garden variety, also known as the common cold – which comes with the charmingly phrased hundred day cough… so much to look forward to.

I have been putting in long hours between my own NaNo project, my position of Municipal Liaison, and the whole ‘parenting’/domestic goddess bit. This is all having an effect, on my health. Which is to say I’m not getting much in the way of sleep, which is causing headaches, which is causing grumpiness… I’m not Bug’s favourite person right now. I’m working on keeping my temper in check, without much success.

Did you know that there is some sort of programming in children that forces them to be at their least helpful and compliant when the dishes need done.

I am actually using my personal laptop, instead of the borrowed Mac. It’s so much less frustrating, all the quick keys that I learned and use without really thinking about it actually work. Plus I can right-click if I have to!

Today has been interesting, thanks to the evil cough I was up until 4am… which means that I slept until 11am. For reasons unknown, my son allowed me to sleep until nearly lunch. At 8 Bug is more than capable of making his own breakfast, but requires guidance for lunch.

My posterior and back are protesting the change in my routine mightily. But it’s worth it, I have so much fun running my share @NaNoWordSprints over on Twitter. I run my sprints with #BrownCoatsUnite #Firefly themed prompts.

Also, as one last update, I am now on Instagram. Same username.