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NaNoWriMo is very officially over. We’ve had our Thank Goodness It’s Over Lunch, at a great buffet in town. And now everyone is off resting before the big push to really finish up their novels. Those who made it to 50,000 but didn’t finish the story have more writing to do. Those who made it to 50,000 and completed their novels have further drafts to write, and editing to do. And those of us who didn’t make it to 50,000 have much work to do.

But, for right now, it’s coming into the holiday season. First I need to rest, and try to shake the persistent plagues – I’ve spent all day in bed with yet another plague. It would also be nice to catch up on some sleep; I’ve not been doing much of the sleeping over November. I have much work to do for Christmas, after I have helped my younger brother celebrate his birthday. I never decorate for Christmas before his birthday with them being in the same month. Sey’s Birthday is this weekend; next weekend is my Orphan’s Christmas dinner, and the weekend after is Christmas. I still have a handful of presents to organise. The most important of these is Bug’s. Most people are getting items that I have been sitting on all year, or some kind of food.

Feeding people is what I do. How to tell that you are important to me, is if I have fed you. Even and especially if I can’t really afford to, I’m fairly good at stretching a meal to feed however many I need it to. I have 10 people (at this stage) coming for my Orphan’s Christmas dinner, and the original menu will feed 4-6. In my fridge though I found some yams (the small, knotty British variety) that I will cook in honey; plus a few extra handfuls of rice. Meat might be a little thin on the ground, but no one will go hungry, and the food will all be up to my usual demanding standards.

In the meantime I mean to sleep as much as possible. The sleep of Champions as it were. I need to find a normal sleep pattern again. The other night I slept, for 6 hours straight – you wouldn’t believe how excited I was about that. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go and see if I can rack up a solid 8 hours.