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I have neglected my story for far too long. I know this because it is supposed to be a full length novel, and frankly it’s hanging out somewhere in the realm of a short story.

I don’t know about what happens to your stories when you neglect them; but when I neglect mine, my characters get a bit uppity.  They start deviating from the script, and/or shouting at me until I pay attention to them. In this case they have deviated so far from the script that my story is nearly at its end and I’m not even as far as 10,000 words.

Just in case it isn’t clear, I don’t do short stories – they require me to be more eloquent with less words. I am perfectly able – in fact it’s a problem during essay writing, that I don’t use enough words.

Right now my characters are in the midst of a domestic dispute over whether he’s going to arrest her, or she’s going to murder him. They have a newly complicated relationship.

In the meantime I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas season. I’ll see you all again soon.