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Happy New Year!

I’m a little late, but what can we do.

I certainly hope that 2017 brings good things for you all; though despite my best wishes for this, there is no guarantee.

Yet again I have taken up Tilly’s novel, and we are currently pursuing it from her dear husband’s point of view. Though, at the time for rewrites, I will eventually stagger both points of view throughout the novel.

2017 is (in my mind at least) to be the year of the job. As much as I love writing, and crafting, I am going steadily more crazy the longer I am without employment. I have a patchwork in the process of cutting, it’s slow going, because the cutting hurts my hand after a time – even with the use of a rotary cutter, though it’s going a great deal faster now that I have dug up the rotary cutter.

Despite all of this, I would like to have a novel ready for publication at some point this year. That is my other goal, you know other than paid employment.