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You’ve probably never once wondered how the literary food blog comes to be. But I’m going to tell you anyway, you’ll see why further down the page.

  • So, I read a book.It mentions a food I’ve never had (or sometimes never heard of).
  • I Google it.
  • If if sounds good, I make it (or add it to the long list of books and dishes that are still waiting – often because they have an obscure or expensive ingredient. Sometimes though, I just forget).
  • I feed it to as many unwary people as I can con into my house (sometimes a full dinner party, sometimes just me and Bug).
  • We discuss it’s merits.
  • I write about it.
  • If it’s good I keep the recipe.


This time though, I may have made a bit of a tactical booboo; for three reasons:

  1. It’s fun and simple, let’s make it with Bug.
  2. It’s alive.
  3. …The song that never ends…

Watch this space next weekend to find out what monster I’ve created.