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I’m exaggerating of course, but I very nearly posted a double up, or repeat, of a post that I have already written.

I was going through the list of recipes that I want to try for Literary Foods, so they definitely have a book (although some have tv shows… which is not strictly speaking, literary) listed with them. And there was the beef and barley soup, looking at me accusingly, with no blue notation to tell me what my test subjects thought of it. But I remember it, how absolutely delicious it was. How my mother complained about the price of the oxtails, apparently they are cheap… well, maybe they are cheap, in the part of the US where the recipe writer lives. Here, at the end of the world, they are (according to my mother) one of the more expensive cuts of beef – which is interesting considering how little meat is both on the oxtails and how much less meat can physically be retrieved from the bone.

I’m not exactly organised, and things sometimes go missing… or rather get waylaid. But, at least I managed to write the post the first time, even if I did forget to make note that I had even made it, let alone written the post.