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So I’m reading a new series, loving it by the way (if I remember – and that’s unfortunately unlikely – I’ll review the series as a whole when I finish it), and right there, in the middle of book 6, is this mention of Tres Leches Cake. Now my Spanish, although rudimentary, is sufficient enough for that to send me over to visit our good friend, Google. Because who doesn’t find the sound of Three Milk Cake intriguing?

Well, Google (as per usual) passed me along to Wikipedia, who explained that in essence it is sponge cake, soaked in a mixture of condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cream. So I thought, yeah, let’s give that a go.

Then my birthday jumped up, out of nowhere I swear! I couldn’t help but find that a bit convenient, thus the Tres Leches birthday cake. I’m sorry there are no pictures, I was so busy getting everything together for my party, and then of course we opened the wine… then the cake was gone. Just Gone I tell you! But it went in the most delicious way.

In the end it was more of a pudding than a cake, but that could be because I used an egg-free sponge, to avoid poisoning one of my guests. It’s very important that one not poison the guests. Which meant that the ‘sponge’ wasn’t exactly sponge like. Who knows how it would have turned out if I had made it with real sponge, which it turns out I probably could have, because I may have fudged the details just a tiny bit. No one ate the cake at my birthday, they were too busy groaning and holding their sides, and very possibly accusing me of over feeding them…

But I assure you, Bug and I have enjoyed every bite.