This is a blog about indie author Talia Nyx (by Talia Nyx). Truthfully, it’s going to be a bit of a hodge podge of bits and pieces: what’s going on in my world of writing (or not writing as the case may be), and where my novels are at on the road to publishing. I’ll upload writing exercises (and my – most likely – pitiful excuses of attempting to complete them), quotes, hopefully pictures (of my research endeavors – I swear it’s not all entirely boring – and what’s keeping me from writing, if it’s interesting of course). So basically a bit of everything in the life of an indie author

By all means feel free to check out the raw, unedited, and frankly often rubbish forms of my works on Wattpad – please note that if a story has been published there won’t be much of it left on Wattpad – I have a Goodreads author page, and I’m on Facebook. I would absolutely love to hear suggestions for stories, I’ll be sure to let you know if I am likely to write it or not; suggestions for blog posts are also welcome.

If my blogging slows down some, then it is relatively safe to assume that I have all manner of University assignments due left, right, and centre. Feel free to message me on Facebook that you want an update and I’m sure that I will cobble something together.

Great to meet you!



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